Camp WPT 2018


must register by July 2nd


must register by July 25th


This waiver is for all 3 camps. Please e-mail to or bring into the gym ASAP.



  • Ages 5 & up
  • Drop off is no earlier than 8:45am & no later than 12:15pm

It is an open gym, fun gym, free play, games & activities kind of week!! There will be structured games & summer activities including bouncy houses, arts & crafts, & more!

$75 per child per week

Fresh snacks & ice water will be provided (included in price)


  Steps to register for the camp

· Purchase your camp ticket online or in the gym.

· Fill out Registration at the Gym, or email us at & we can send one to you.

*Completing the full registration process is the only way to ensure a spot at the camp. Those who have not completed both of the registration steps or walk-ins will be subject to availability*


Camp Rules & Info

Registration & Refunds

Registration and payment for the Camp WPT must be completed and submitted to the front desk of Walhalla Power Tumbling. Full payment is required at the time of registration to reserve the child’s space. Due to limited space, refunds will not be given. Participants may sign up for any or all of the weekly camps. There will be no proration of fees for any days a child participant cannot attend. Registration is open to anyone & everyone.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Children need to arrive between 8:45-9:00 am and must be picked between 12:00-12:15 pm. We will try to have a staff member outside during both drop off & pick-up so that the parent can sign in & out the Camper. If not a parent/guardian must park their vehicle and walk their child into the Camp and sign the child into the Camp. The check-in area for the camp will be directly in the front door of the Gym. 

Late Pick-Up Policy

There will be a late-fee assessed for children who are picked up after 12:15 pm. The late fee is $1.00 for each minute past 12:15 pm. Repeated late pick-ups may result in the removal of the participant from the program, with no refund for prepaid programs.

Personal Belongings

Please put the child’s name on all bags, etc. Children should not bring toys, mobile phones, electronic devices, jewelry, money, or any possession of value with them to any of the programs. Children will be responsible for their belongings.

Behavior Management & Discipline Policy

Walhalla Power Tumbling LLC staff will create a fun and safe environment for participants in the program. Praise and positive reinforcement are used as effective methods of behavior management. Children who do not respond to these methods or who are destructive to others or to property will be dealt with in a professional, positive, and timely manner to correct the behavior. The following procedures will be followed for behavior management. All incident reports will be discussed privately with parents/guardians and a copy of each report will be kept on file at Walhalla Power Tumbling.

1. In the event a child’s behavior is a repeated behavior and cannot be corrected by the Walhalla Power Tumbling Staff with a verbal warning or other form of behavior modification, a first incident report will be written up and parents will be notified & given a copy of the incident report.

2. A second incident report will be written if the behavior is repeated by or new behavior problems occur with the same child. This report will follow the same process as the first, but a one or two- day suspension could accompany this report, and no refund will be provided for suspended days. A copy of the report will be given to the parent/guardian the same day as the second incident.

3. A third incident report will be completed using the same process as the first two. Walhalla Power Tumbling LLC staff will write this report. Staff will provide this report to the parent/guardian. Incident reports will be discussed privately with a parent/guardian by a Walhalla Power Tumbling staff and Director. Dismissal from a program can occur at this time.

NOTE: Immediate dismissal from the program can occur at any time given severe circumstances. Refunds for missed days due to a discipline dismissal will not be granted.